Put simply the mission of wild nutrients is to curate unique products that offer a truly abundant nutrient profile not readily found in most consumer food items. It is our hope that through this resource we can inspire an increasing number of wild food enthusiasts and renew the Agrarian ethic at the same time. 

As it was once said all true value comes from the Land. The land is in many ways the origin of all economic development. It truly is the base of the economy. One question we continue to ponder & come back to is how can food be properly valued. How did we get into a system where food is expensive not centrally because of a particular food’s nutrient profile but more so about taste and even how wild or rare the food is. The allocation of value does not connect with how humans have traditionally & ancestrally applied value to their food. 

By curating unique & extremely nutrient dense products we hope it inspires a deeper dive into holistic health & optimum human performance. Too often much of our medical paradigm is built around fixing but not optimizing. We aim to be one more resource in your toolkit, doing the research & presenting readily available products you can easily incorporate into your life right away. 

There is an infinite amount of foods that used to be eaten by our ancestors that are not eaten today. We feel this is a tragedy to the diverse micro/macro nutrient needs of the human body. We hold the opinion that much of the daily nutrient profile recommended by our most recognized & established stakeholders is too low. One reason we point to this is because wild foods foraged directly from the landscape can and do contain up to 100 to 200x the nutrient profile as farmed or mechanically produced food. This is an astounding amount of nutrients to be missing out on. It explains many of the modern health predicaments we find ourselves in today. 

Even in our modern age we need to find ways, even if just weekly or a couple times a week to eat foods meeting this profile. 

At Wild Nutrients we follow a continuum in order of food priority and we aim to stick to this ourselves

  1. Wild Food/Hunted/Foraged/Fished in responsible ways from a clean environmental landscape
  2. Biodynamically – Permaculturally grown food
  3. Organic Small Scale Market Farming & Family based Homesteading
  4. Organic Farming at a Commercial Scale w/use of approved pesticide/herbicide applications
  5. No-Till Farming methods that retain some level of the soil food web
  6. Mechanized Commercial Agriculture
  7. Highly Processed/Laboratory Created Foods

Quality matters in all cases but not as much as eating foods that you need to eat that have the optimum nutrient profile for your body. We hope Wild Nutrients as a resource aids you on our joint journey together towards optimal health.