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The topic of meat is a very popular one today. Many feel the pull (maybe for very good reasons) to remove meat from their diets and embrace a vegetarian or vegan diet. This is a noble goal but it, unfortunately, leaves important essential nutrients for the human body on the table. 

For the meat-eaters that remain the typical paradigm embraced is to eat solely the lean meat parts of the animal. What Hunter Gatherers & those in our ancestral cultures knew by comparison is that there were many special super abundant nutrients contained in the organ meat & fat of the animals they hunted that are essential for human nutrient biology.

Cattle are best fed when grazing on native grasses

Commercially raised cattle are fed high-calorie diets of corn, grains, and other genetically modified plants (GMO’s) in order to reduce the time it takes to raise and sell them. They’re also pumped full of artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, and other medicines. These drugs and hormones do stay in the animal. A more well-known example is the case of rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) showing up in cow’s milk after being treated with growth hormone drugs.

These B Vitamins, dietary fats, and other diverse nutrients are essential for the microbiome and proper digestion. An easy way to fill this gap in nutrition in the modern world is with an Organ Meat Supplement. Fortunately, many great products have entered the market in recent years. Without needing to become a full-time hunter gatherer you can eat the whole animal as nature always intended.

See Below for our most recommended All-in-One Organ Meat Supplements.

All product bottles generally represent a 1 month supply at recommended serving sizes. The time range can be extended an extra 1-2 months with lowered consumption rates per day.

Best Overall: Ancestral Supplements Grassfed Beef Organs

We absolutely love the Ancestral Supplements brand. We especially love the mindset of the company encapsulated in this quote, “the human organism is superbly adapted to an environment that no longer exists” – Brian Johnson, Founder, Ancestral Supplements.

This small company is celebrated for its commitment to quality & 3rd party testing. It also offers the most complete array of Organ Meat supplements on the market. Checkout this other post for more information about their other products. Their Grassfed Beef Organs product contains Grassfed beef organs from New Zealand which is a region highly prized for their quality control in many ways better than the United States. The use of rBGH is completely banned in New Zealand.

This supplement contains a combination of (Liver, Heart, Kidney, Pancreas, Spleen) at 600mg in each serving. The product is 100% freeze dried and delivered via a 100% Bovine Gelatin capsule, cost estimates are $1.47 a day, $0.24 per capsule.

Most Digestible: Organ Therapy – Grassfed Beef Organ Meat Complex w/Bone Broth Concentrate

Who hasn’t been invited to learn the benefits of bone broth? It’s almost common knowledge today that bone broths can help significantly in building strong, pain-free joints and supporting the immune system.

This product contains organic bone broth concentrate 1000mg, beef liver 700mg, heart 300mg, kidney 250mg, and bioPerine black pepper extract 2.5mg. Cost estimates are $0.90 per day, $0.30 per capsule, with 3 capsules per serving. 

Organ Therapy’s grass fed beef comes from Argentina where feedlots are rare. All meat is inspected by SENASA (which is the food governing body in Argentina). Ingredients are temperature controlled through the supply chain to protect nutrient viability. The BioPerine (black pepper extract) is used for improved nutrient absorption. It acts by stimulating the stomach to pruduce greater levels of hydrochloric acid. In research mentioned by the company, BioPerine was found to enhance absorption of nutrients by at least 30%.

Most Versatile & Convenient: Optimal Carnivore GrassFed Organ Complex- 

What we love about the Optimal Carnivore’s all-in-one supplement is that it is truly the most all-in-one option on the market. Combining 9 different types of organ meats this supplement packs a punch in one daily serving. It includes Organ Meats in this diverse array:

Beef liver 540mg, Brain 480mg, Heart 240mg, Thymus 480mg, Kidney 240mg, Spleen 270mg, Pancreas 240mg, Lung 240mg and Intestines 270mg

This combination covers a large array of nutrient needs. This product makes sense for its convenience & ease of daily consumption. Consider it if you travel a lot or want to get started in Organ Meat supplementation and want to experience the widest benefits at the least effort. The cost estimates are currently $0.31 per capsule, $1.83 per day. The company is also known for high quality for its standard gelatin capsule and freeze dried product. 

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