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Vaulting even ahead of Goat & Sheep milk in its rarity and lack of consumer awareness sits Camel Dairy. 

Consumed for thousands of generations Camel Dairy is making a come-back today due to its unique nutritional profile and healing properties. It is a tragedy that it has been lost as a nutritional source. 

Camel Dairy does not contain the allergen profile that normal cow dairy contains making it more easily consumable by most of the population. It contains more vitamin C and Iron than cow’s milk and since camel’s need relatively little water and food, they make less of an environmental impact than other dairy animals such as Cows.

Among the potential health benefits of Camel Dairy include its ability to improve outcomes for those with Diabetes, reduce or reverse allergies, improve the impact of autism, and reduce autoimmune disease. A lot of typical dairy proteins require the body to create an immune response. Many nutritionists claim that half of people with gluten sensitivities also have dairy sensitivities as well, leading many to give up both gluten & dairy concurrently. This can be a colossal change for people in this position. Camel Dairy is one option that still may be consumable even in these cases. 

Many claim that Camel Dairy has no discernible taste difference to regular cow dairy. It is normally consumed raw but pasteurized options do exist today. Camel Dairy has a molecular similarity to human milk leading to its reduced allergenic properties. It also has natural probiotic features to assist with healthy bacteria growth in the gut & microbiome. Though it is an expensive food item, used in small amounts it can yield great benefits to the body. To give an idea of its rarity and reason for higher prices there is a ratio of 18,000 Cows in the United States to 1 Camel – (18,000:1)!

Since Camel’s are not hooved animals, they are not regulated as Agricultural products in the same way as other Dairy sources, as a result Camel Dairy is available online and can be shipped across the continental US. Some health food stores do carry Camel’s milk as well. We provide a list of those below to aid your search. 

Best Gently Pasteurized Camel Milk Source: Desert Farms

We love the story of the founding of Desert Farms. The founder was visiting his homeland of Saudi Arabia and noticed he couldn’t find Camel Milk in the stores there but only from the local farmers he knew who were willing to give him a little. When he moved to California he realized how much people cared about a healthy lifestyle and decided the time was right to start a health foods company. Based in Santa Monica, California. This product is Keto & Paleo certified. The average herd size at a family farm is only 6 Camels. 

The package is sent in dry ice & ice packs. Desert farms claims that their pasteurization process keeps all the good benefits of Camel’s milk in regards to its immunity benefits and nutritional profile. The milk is sent frozen. 

This is the first large scale company producing Camel milk for the US market. All of the member farms with Desert Farms’ profile raise their Camels solely on pasture. 

Camels need roaming land. By supporting this industry you are supporting nomadic life and the continuance of agriculture in these areas. 

The renewed focus on gut issues and the microbiome is really driving the development of interest of Camel Milk in the US. 

Best Camel Milk Powder: Aadvik Foods

Aadvik is an Indian source of Camel milk powder. The company name means “unique”. This is India’s first company to process, brand, and sell Camel Dairy worldwide. The product is lab tested at multiple stages. This company does good work in aiding the continuance of the Camel Dairy industry on the deserts in India. They partner with breeder partners and create a sustainable income source for these camel herders. Sourced from the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan in India. The company has over 100 Camel breeders. It was just started in 2015. 

Best Camel Derived Cooking Fat: Desert Farms Wild Camel Fat

Camel Fat is a Coconut or Avocado Oil replacement. It has the highest smoke point of any cooking fat. This smoke point makes it very stable in resisting rancidity. It comes directly from wild camels in Australia. It has a high amount of bioavailable nutrients, especially Vitamin B12. There are 31 fatty acids present in Camel Fat, most sources only give you a few at a time. 






This Facebook group shares benefits and healing components of camel’s milk, has a list of US farmers supplying camel’s milk, a whole host of questions and answers to support you: https://www.facebook.com/groups/225663314116369/