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An on-the-go Carnivore & Keto diet has found a new friend with the unique array of Grass-Fed Beef Stick options available on the market today. Long gone are the days where you have to eat a sugar laden Beef Jerky to satisfy those meaty desires on the go. 

We’ve certainly seen a step up from beef jerky. We now have access to healthy meat-based snack options devoid of unhealthy ingredients and with responsibly raised meat. 

Most of these Beef Stick options are grass fed, free of hormones & antibiotics, and you can be sure most are also nitrate, nitrite free. These bars offer similar protein numbers as a grain bar but with much lower sugar and calorie contents – perfect for a Keto diet. 

Most don’t have MSG and are completely produced in allergen free facilities not tainted with Nuts or other food products produced in the same processing facility.Grass fed beef has been shown to have 5x the number of Omega 3’s as traditionally raised meat

Most Innovative: Paleo Valley Grass Fed Beef Sticks

This is an extremely popular and also portable snack with a good quality & taste profile. 

Paleo Valley uses a fermentation process instead of using oils & chemicals to serve as its preservative. This yields healthy probiotics in their products. 

Each bar is 6 grams of protein per stick but has no sugar or carbs. 70 calories

Best Beef Jerky Replacement: Nick’s Sticks

We love that Nick’s Sticks offers a wide variety of good flavors. This product is pretty simple, get the experience of Beef Jerky but know that all the ingredients are healthy.

Each bar has 10 grams of protein, 120 CALORIES, 0g CARBS, 0G SUGAR

Most Unique Flavors/Best Tasting: Chomps – Grass Fed Beef Sticks

Consider this as another clean snack option.

Each 1.15oz meat stick has 9g of protein, low sodium, low fat, low carb, sugar free & only 90 calories

We love that they offer a Venison option as well as a few Jalapeño options as well. 

Best Quality & Sustainability Profile: Vermont Smoke & Cure Jerky Stick

Each bar has 6g protein, 80 calories, 0g carbs, 230mg sodium-per stick, these bars have 40% less sodium than competitors while still having a unique array of flavors. 

This meat is produced in the Great state of Vermont, which is the United States’ bastion of unique food and sustainable agriculture.