In compelling fashion nutritionist Nora Gedgaudas CNS, NTP tells the story of how Fat (especially animal fat) as a dietary food has become so misrepresented & undervalued in our culture & modern times. This Simon & Schuster book, Primal Fat Burner is sure to challenge many commonly held assumptions in the nutritional world that seemingly have been set in stone as dogma. 

These dogma’s include the need to eat enough daily Carbohydrates, the role of Glucose as the main energy source of the body (instead of Ketones from Fat), and that bioavailable Omega 3s & DHA in plant based sources are just as accessing as those in animal based sources. 

This book systematically breaks down these arguments and does so in a well-research and well explained arc. Nora guides readers to see the myths they have believed and how many of those myths have led them to have diabetes, have low energy, be overweight, and simply to lack optimal health in a time when it is so important. 

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Nora begins Primal Fat Burner relating her research and time with the Inuit people of far north Canada. She relates that most of our genetic ancestors relied on nutrient dense superfoods which came from extremely large animals. These Megafauna were prized for the density of the nutrition which their meat, fat, connective tissue, and organs. This food source was the basis of our primal diet. 

In a time when most health conscious individuals are abandoning eating animal source meats in favor of plant-based alternatives Nora provides the information for why this may not be the right course of action. In an eye to our Ancestral heritage Nora lays out the fact that hunter-gatherer populations relied for up to 90% of their caloric intake upon animal fat & associated nutrients. Though our world today in many cases does not produce healthy animal protein sources it should not mean abandoning meat altogether but rather finding innovative ways to obtain healthy meat and prioritizing it more in our diets. 

Today in our industrialized world with it’s focus on row crops & grain sources we have deviated from our ancestral diet which has proven to yield the best health benefits and to lead to the longest longevity as compared to current & modern diets. 

Would it surprise you that you could eat Fat as the primary element of your diet and that by so doing you would actually be doing the most logical thing you could be doing to lose weight? Doesn’t this sound backwards but in Primal Fat Burner Nora introduces the audience to the Primal Ketogenic Diet. This diet differs from other Keto diets in its simplicity of application and lack of needing intermittent fasting. 

This diet aims to transition your body from a primarily Sugar burning state to a Fat Burning state. To do this, according to Nora, requires eating roughly 50 grams of utilizable carbohydrates a day. To put this in perspective an apple contains about 25 grams of total carbs with 6 grams of fiber. Subtracting away the 6 grams of fiber leaves 19 grams of utilizable carbohydrates just in eating 1 apple. As a result of this diet carbohydrates should only be obtained from nuts, vegetables, and maybe a few berries. This is sure to be quite a change from the standard diet most people employ. 

The benefits of fat burning include a dampening of free radical activity, longer-lasting & stable energy as compared to a sugar burning state, easier weight loss, stabilized neurological functioning and building a stronger brain, protection of lean muscle mass, increased Mitochondrial efficiency which leads to having more energy and not being in a lethargic state for no reason, reduced blood sugar issues as a result of proper functioning of insulin, improved immune function, among many other benefits mentioned in the book…

When a person transitions from Carbs as the main source of energy to Fat this is said to be called Ketosis. It requires quite an adjustment but offers quite the benefits. 

Overall, We found this book very easy to read as Nora is skilled in explaining the nutritional science in an approachable manner. This is a book that will make you ponder the way you have eaten your entire life. Those who have struggled with obtaining & sustaining weight loss goals will want to take note of this Ketogenic diet which is so counter to what is already out there. 

It is true that 75% of Vegans & Vegetarians abandon these diets within 10 years, most do so because of health-related issues that arise from these diets. 

A new diet such as the ancestral Ketogenic Nora presents in this book is always a challenging implementation. As a result in the later sections of the book Nora outlines an effective strategy for achieving and sustaining this diet. She also discusses the importance of micronutrients in the right ratios and provides close to 100 pages of diet planning & a food guide to help aid this transition. 

She provides many tools to aid your transition as well:

Ketone Meters

Emu Oil as Vitamin K2 source


Food Journal

Primal Fat Burner – Nora Gedgaudas CNS, NTP, BCHN

Podcast Link – Discover Nora’s writing process in this detailed Interview

For those who read the book and want to take a deeper dive Nora also has a course over at which we feel is a great program for those interested.

Link to Course:


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