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Deficiency in Iodine has been linked to an increased risk of cancer and is recognized as an essential nutrient for the optimum functioning of a healthy thyroid. However, nutritionists acknowledge too much Iodine can negatively impact your Thyroid as well. So in all things balance is key. 

Iodine has a very high deficiency rating in American diets due to lowered use of Iodine Salts & Salt in general. Approximately 2 Billion people worldwide suffer from Iodine deficiency. Seaweed was once a staple of diets for many natives in North America. The nutrient benefits of this food are quietly being rediscovered. Luckily many new sources of sustainably harvested Seaweed have become available for North American consumers from both Maine & Alaskan Waters. Seaweeds contain a much higher ratio of dietary minerals than land plants. 

See Below for our most recommended Seaweed sheets, flakes, & pasta varieties. 

Example Descriptions: “Marine Munchies”

  • Dulce – Resembles Red Leafy Lettuce, Has mild smoky flavor, can be used in place of salt
  • Kelp – Grows only in saltwater environments, has root systems anchoring it to the ocean floor
  • Sea Lettuce – Sheet-like and resemble a leaf of lettuce, packed with protein & amino acids
  • Wakame – Brown Variety of seaweed, packed with rare nutrients, typically served with Miso Soup, stir-fly, considered a Japanese food staple

Best Blend: Vitamin Sea Organic Seaweed Blend (Dulce, Kelp, Sea Lettuce)

This unique combination of Dulce, Kelp, & Sea Lettuce in a flake form is sure to deliver the widest array of nutrients. VitaminSea is a family-owned company which we love and all products are hand harvested from Maine waters. Harvesting is done in a sustainable manner protecting this resource for generations. What we love about flakes is that you can use them in so many creative ways. You can add them to smoothies, salads, even as garnishes – all to help in getting that daily amount of iodine needed.

Best Pasta Source: Blue Evolution Seaweed Pasta – Rotini

What we love about this product is its ease of incorporation into your diet. Raised sustainably in Alaskan Waters this seaweed product is packed with bioavailable nutrients such as Iodine, Magnesium, & Iron which are 3 core nutrients known as deficient in most people. Simply boil up some water and toss in this rotini pasta and you’ve got yourself a healthy & tasty meal packed with rare nutrients. Feel great by supporting an emerging economic base key to the future of the state of Alaska in the process.  

Best Dulse Flakes: Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Those following Vegan & Keto diets will be sure to find a winner with this product. Known for its higher quality, this product is tested for heavy metals, microbes, pesticides, radioactivity, and other pollutants. It is also always inspiring to support an Employee owned company that shares profits in an ESOP – Employee Stock Ownership plan. Dulse has a smoky flavor that many compare to bacon and it can be used as a salt replacement. This product originates from Maine waters. This product is certified organic by the OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association). 


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