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Many people may never have ever heard of eating Water Buffalo dairy products as a food item. Known for its rich, distinctive taste, with creamy texture. Water Buffalo dairy is made into consumable Yogurts and butters by two great companies we mention in this post. 

Offering double the protein & calcium of Cow’s milk with 40% more nutrients pasteurized Water Buffalo dairy is surely a unique option in the alternative dairy market. It also yields half the cholesterol and being an A2 milk it is less allergenic than A1 milk. A1 milk as well have seen over and over has been known to be linked to heart disease, type 1 diabetes, and autism. 

Best Water Buffalo Yogurt: Annabella

This product is A2 based Yogurt. Great for consumers who are allergic to lactose. It has no preservatives and is gluten free. Non-GMO, 100% Grass Fed beef. Has higher protein and double the calcium as regular Yogurt and less Cholesterol and less lactose than typical cow’s milk. This dairy source comes from Columbia and is flown in every day. It is similar to Greek yogurt without the straining process. 

Fun Fact: Annabella was the name of this company’s very first Water Buffalo. 

Cost Estimates: 12 Cups for $40 – $3.30 per cup. No added sugars.





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